bookharnam_1Sacred Chant Concert

A live musical celebration of the Spirit bringing a profound sense of inner peace and joyful light. Harnam will take you deep into a meditative space with his powerful sacred mantra, soulful voice and beautiful guitar. Whether an intimate solo concert or with his amazing band – everyone will be uplifted by the experience.




bookharnam2Awakening Your Creative Fire: Yoga & Meditation

The time is Now! Join Harnam for a dynamic, transformational workshop that will ignite your spirit and fire up your creative potential. The course will feature powerful Kundalini yoga kriya and meditation to open your creative chakras and chart the course for you to begin living the life of your dreams. Experience live music and gong meditation with Harnam. Open to beginners and advanced students; No previous experience necessary.



bookharnam4Awakening Your Creative Fire: Sacred Art

Get your fire back! Join Harnam (Tony Zatzick, MFA) for a dynamic, transformational workshop that will ignite your spirit and fire up your creative potential. This course will feature powerful techniques to open your creative flow and break through any blocks that hold you back. In this hands-on adventure you’ll learn to think about your art and your life in a whole new way. Experience relaxing meditations and make exciting art with your own creative fire. Open to beginners and advanced students; No previous experience necessary.



roundimageeventsAwakening Your Creative Fire: Painting a Personal Mandala

Experience the creative and meditative journey of making your own personal mandala! Allowing shapes and colors to flow from a state of heightened awareness is a beautiful way to connect with the divine. A mandala is powerful spiritual symbol and vehicle for understanding one’s own essence. Long used by practitioners of many traditions, a mandala is a sacred tool for personal transformation. The workshop will incorporate the use of breath meditation and chanting to open us to our highest creative potential before we dive into the playful and spiritual world of making art. We will use a variety of painting and drawing materials and techniques in this workshop. No previous experience required. All participants will complete a mandala to place on their personal altar to create sacred space and serve as a powerful focal point for further meditation.

bookharnam5Awakening Your Creative Fire: Painting your Yoga Mat

Take your practice to a whole other level by bringing your creativity to the mat: literally! In this workshop we will use paint to create whatever inspires you directly on our mats. Sacred symbols, mantras, images ~ whatever takes you go deeper into your practice is what you will paint. No previous experience required. We will use a variety of painting and drawing materials and artistic techniques in this workshop. Participants can work on their own mats or purchase one available for sale. Yoga Mat! Bring your own Yoga Mat or buy one at the workshop.



bookharnam6Bound Lotus: Awaken the Master Within

Bound lotus is a powerful vehicle to access the divine intelligence within each of us. The practice involves wrapping the body into the shape of infinity, bowing the head and meditating deeply. In this workshop we will open our bodies, hearts and minds through a variety of asanas (postures) and pranyam (breathwork) to prepare us to enter the deep healing space of Bound Lotus. Many of the benefits of the posture are available even if one can not enter the full posture right away. Considered to be of the most difficult kriya’s in Kundalini Yoga, Bound Lotus can help awaken and strengthen your relationship with the divine teacher within.


roundimageevents-RecoveredThe Body Temple Creativity Workshop

In this workshop Harnam partners with his wife Ramdesh Kaur, author of “The Body Temple: Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders and Radical Self-Love” to bring a powerfully impactful creative arts and yoga workshop that focuses on learning to love your body, releasing any shame about your physical form, and delighting in playful creativity.  Art supplies included.



bookharnam8Art Material Demonstrations

Harnam (Tony Zatzick) brings his contagious enthusiasm and passion for art to the realm of Art Materials. As an art materials expert he is part of The Fine Arts Collective and leads hands-on technical workshops for Winsor & Newton and Liquitex about a variety of professional artists materials including oil, watercolor, and acrylic paints. Topics include pigments, mediums, varnishes, color theory, painting techniques, drawing materials, health & safety and much more. Past demonstrations include: New York School of Visual Arts, Cooper Union School of Art, Parsons, Pratt Institute, RISD, New York Studio School, Fashion Institute of Technology, MICA, VCU, American University, George Masson University, NYU and many others. (Art material demonstrations do not include yoga.)


bookharnam7Private instruction with Harnam

Via Skype or in person Harnam brings a unique and profound perspective to his teaching by drawing on his background as an artist yogi and musician. In a one on one session you’ll get exactly what you need from the personal attention. Whether it is yoga instruction, artistic guidance or a personal meditation to help you deepen or develop your personal practice a personal session with Harnam can be invaluable.

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